Aradria is the world in which the Reborn Series take place. Aradria is built up of mainly five lands. Èvina in the centre, Lycobris to the south, Caradrea in the east, Sonûdor to the North and Ûnda in the west. Each land is founded on their inherent elements; spirit, fire, air, earth and water.

If you want to learn more about Aradria, and the creatures who inhabit this world, you can read about it here as information on it gets posted. If you want to know more about certain creatures, characters or you have other questions about Aradria, feel free to leave a comment and ask 🙂

You can read more about Aradria under the category of Aradria.

A Mythological tale from the world of Aradria are short stories, which will be available as bonus features only!


Please leave your comments 🙂 Nothing beats the written word, and nothing is more inspiring than feedback from you!


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  1. myggwiz says:

    This is a copy of my book “The Tale of Tellus”!


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