About the author


Linn Tesli is a Norwegian writer with a love for the written word in all shapes and forms. She works as a journalist freelancer and translator. Her writing include magazine articles, feature stories, books and poems. In addition to being a writer, she is the mother of a boy of 5 and a baby girl, she’s a wife, and a social worker, with a background in film and children services.

She was born in Oslo, Norway, but has lived in different parts of Norway during her upbringing, as well as three years spent in London as a student. She is inspired by the wild Norwegian landscape and believes that just about anything is possible as long as you strive to be the best you can be. She wishes she could make the earth move or ride a unicorn, but she settles for making those kinds of dreams come true for the characters in her writing.

To contact her, please send an e-mail to: inspirertforlag@gmail.com

Please leave your comments 🙂 Nothing beats the written word, and nothing is more inspiring than feedback from you!


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