Welcome to the Reborn Series!

Please leave your comments 🙂 Nothing beats the written word, and nothing is more inspiring than feedback from you! You can always email me at: inspirertforlag@gmail.com 

Welcome to the author page of Linn Tesli and the Reborn series. If you love magic and make-believe, then Reborn might be just your kind of read.

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Reborn is the first book in a series of fantasy novels set in the world of Aradria.


Blurb, Book 1:

12573188_553233938176857_8700121196783365605_n.jpg– Archenon – Blurb:

Archenon, a wild elf and sorcerer has spent the majority of his life as a sorcerer apprentice in the city of Êvina, far away from his roots.

Archenon decides to take matters into his own hands when his mentor, the Elemental High Queen of Aradria, refuses to help his dying mother,. A spell goes terribly wrong, causing the balance of power to shift. Archenon’s choice leads him on a dark path from which there is no return. Worse yet, it leaves the entire world of Aradria in peril.

And, in this world, balance is everything.

But then, Everine Vargens discover a child who could be the key to the salvation of their world.

Banding together with a group of unlikely companions, Everine sets off to protect the newborn from the grasp of a heartless king.

War is inevitable.

Destiny, redemption, and danger await in this epic first novel of the Reborn series.

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Please leave your comments 🙂 Nothing beats the written word, and nothing is more inspiring than feedback from you! I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at: inspirertforlag@gmail.com

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